"Goalie Band is one of the most innovative and successful tools to modify the Goalie's technique in and out of the net."

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Re-positioning the Goalie Band (TM) creates endless drill possibilities for both goalies and shooters.


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The Goalie Band (TM) is a revolutionary new training tool for hockey goalies of all ages and skill levels.

It teaches a goalie how to properly position themselves in the goal crease when facing a shooter by “gently reminding them” when they are backing up too far in the crease. By using the Goalie Band (TM) in practice situations:

  1. Goalies become accustomed to setting up at the front of the crease area, thus cutting the angles and giving shooters much less of a target to shoot at.

  2. Goalies can go inside the Goalie Band (TM) and work on their reaction time by looking over and under the band, tracking the puck and always losing sight of the puck at some time.

I am receiving a lot of positive feedback from parents, coaches, and community organizationers who have purchased it and say they now feel they actually are doing something productive and beneficial with their goalies in practice.

The Goalie Band (TM) is being used as a training aid in the Czech Hockey Camp.    View their brochure here (refer to page 6).


Goalie Band In the News
View the Video

The Goalie Band (TM) is a constant reminder for the Manitoba Moose goalies to properly position in the crease.


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