Goalieband on ice at Montreal practice facility

The Goalieband is made of a durable plastic composite material and can withstand the velocity of shots by even profession hockey players. It quickly installs onto any standard size goal net in a matter of seconds using two specially designed clamps. NO TOOLS are required. 

The Goalieband is particularly well suited for any team, community center, hockey association or local arena that wants to provide goalies with a tool to help them learn the fundamentals of good goaltending. View our "Drills" page to learn how to improve your goaltenders play with the use of the Goalieband.

"The importance of goaltending to a hockey team cannot be overstated and yet the training and development of goalies is typically an afterthought to the team practice. It is not uncommon to see the goalie spending time standing still. As a former goalie, my focus is ensuring a tool is provided for goaltenders to work on the skills necessary to excel at the position. As a result of demonstrating the Goalieband to a number of professionals including Sean Burke (Arizona Coyotes Goalie Coach) and Rick St. Croix (Winnipeg Jets Goalie Coach) and countless amateur players and coaches, I continue to receive positive feedback across North America and Europe." - Bob Unger inventor of the Goalieband. 

View the story on the Goalieband in the Pro Hockey News http://prohockeynews.com/goalie-band-helps-develop-goaltending-techniques/

6 Goaliebands being used on ice at Michel Valliere Camp. (3 yellow and 3 Black) Check out the video