1. CHALLENGE DRILL - The Goalie is positioned outside of the Goalieband at the top of the crease for shooting drills. The Goalieband should be positioned on the goalpost so that the height is equal to the middle of the goalie's back. If the goalie tries to back up to far into the crease, the Goalieband is there as a gentle reminder to remain further out and challenge the shooter.

- WHAT WE WANT TO ACCOMPLISH - With shooters in today's game becoming increasingly dangerous from all angels the importance of proper positioning for goaltenders cannot be overstated. The position goaltenders take to limit the shooter's opportunity to find the back of the net is what will make a naturally gifted goalie truly successful! The ability for a goalie to come out to challenge a shooter with confidence will be accomplished through repetition using the "Challenge Drill". 

2. SCREEN SHOT SIMULATION - Goalie is positioned inside the Goalieband to work on screen shots and reaction time. With the Goalieband at the goalie's eye level, simulating player screening the goalie, he is forced to react on reflex to shots coming into view at the last second, without the benefit of anticipation and recognition of the shooter's body positioning.


3. Strength and Balance Drill - Goalie alternates positioning as indicated in Drill #1 and Drill #2 one shot at a time (i.e. goalie accepts a shot from inside the Goalieband then re-positions himself outside the Goalieband for the next shot, then skates backward and under the Goalieband to take the next shot and so forth). This drill works on strengthening and conditioning of leg muscles, improves balance, coordination and general movement around the goal, simulating the elements of a game situation.

4. For more drills type " goalieband " in on YouTube. See 10 more drills.


1. Soft Hands Drill - With the Goalieband dropped to ice level and multiple pucks placed

around its outside edge, players practice pulling the pucks back and flipping them over the top

of the Goalieband into the net, simulating scoring over a goalie's outstretched pad. 

2. Defencemen Accuracy Drill - With the bottom of the Goalieband positioned approximately one foot above ice level, players practice shooting the puck at or below the Goalieband from just inside the blue line. This drill holds defencemen accountable for keeping their shots from the point down and helps to promote rebounds and deflections. 

3. Substitute Goalie - Coach positions the Goalieband at height desired for target practice. This works great for those times when there is no goalie at practice and you need a target other than an empty net.

4. Dump in OR "Basketball Drill" - Position the Goalieband at the desired height from halfway up the post to the top of the post, depending upon the age and skill of the players. Have older players cross center ice and dump the puck in with a high flick, attempting to "sink a basket" so to speak. A great way to have them imitate the dump and chase which so many of you coaches exhaustively reiterate over and over again. A great fun game to end a practice.

https://youtu.be/lSwtXgoI2d0  Hockey Passes to the front of net